July 19, 2017

Top tips for a successful garage sale

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If spring cleaning revealed a surprising amount of stuff in your home you no longer use or love, channel your inner entrepreneur this summer to declutter and make a few bucks while you’re at it. Follow these tips to make the most of your garage sale.

1. Your ad here

Write up an ad for your local newspaper, post about your garage sale on social media and put up some signs around your community. When it comes to good advertising, less is more, so forget the glitter paint and fancy designs and instead use simple lettering and bold markers on signs. Be sure to include your address, the time and day of the sale and an arrow pointing would‑be shoppers in the right direction.

2. Ask for help

Running a sale out of your residential garage is tough to do alone. Enlist helpers by asking neighbors, friends or family to lend a hand. Offer to let them sell their own items at your sale to increase your inventory and reach while efficiently getting the job done.

3. Carefully consider your layout

Presentation is key when it comes to rummaging through trash and treasures at a garage sale. With your helpers, arrange all your items by category, then make it easy to browse your inventory. Instead of piling books into a box, for example, line them up for easier browsing. Use an old shower rod to hang clothes and order them by size, just like the stores. Hot ticket items can lure in shoppers when placed at the end of your driveway.

4. Cultivate a nice ambiance

Turn your garage sale into a mini‑shop by playing background music, having your kids open a lemonade stand or selling homemade treats.

5. Clearly mark items

Every item should be marked with a price tag. Use masking tape and a permanent marker for the task, and make large price signs for bigger items, like furniture.

6. Spruce up items

Remote‑controlled items, like toy cars, should have batteries (they can be half‑used!) in them so shoppers can test them out. If you are selling electronic items, try to have an outlet available so shoppers can test out their lamps or blenders. If you have items that were once featured in catalogs or sold online, like your camera or children’s toys, print out the ad with the original price listed.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be ready for success when you open your residential garage door!

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