July 19, 2017

Meet your merchant: Crawford Door of WNY Inc

Crawford Door of WNY Inc was recently profiled in the “Meet Your Merchant” section of Moneysaver Shopper and Community Magazine.

The piece profiles our owner‑operators, Pete and Holly Hunter and tells the story of how Crawford Door of WNY Inc has been nurtured and grown since Pete purchased the business in 2004.

“Pete and Crawford Door of WNY Inc have a reputation for responsiveness, quality products and installations or repairs done right the first time, and especially – as Holly was quick to point out – honesty. Crawford Door of WNY Inc has passed the test of time. Unlike so many of the fly‑by‑night and “Johnny come lately” door companies that lure customers in with special low price offers and then provide an inferior product or bait and switch customers into a host of additional charges, Crawford Door of WNY Inc gives you an honest appraisal of the work needed on repairs or a free estimate on a new door. Then they do what they said they would do, on time, professionally, with no surprises or problems and charge what they said they would charge.”

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