Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bees in Your Residential Garage

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  • 19 Jul, 2017
Bees do important work for the earth, but they can be troublesome if you find them in your residential garage. They quickly become pests and dangerous threats when they take up home at your home, but there are many ways you can keep them at bay naturally so you can enjoy your garage, home and yard without fear of getting stung.

Step One: Locate the Hive

Bees tend to make their nests in plants, awnings, roof corners and flowers. If you see many buzzing around your garage or yard, check these spots first.

Step Two: Identify the Bees

Are you dealing with wasps, or bees? There’s a differences, and wasps are far more dangerous. They will also require different methods of removal.

Step Three: Call a Beekeeper!

Bees are vital to our ecosystem and are threatened worldwide, so try to connect with a local beekeeper in your area if possible. These folks make a living providing a safe home for bees and selling honey, and they’d would very likely be able to remove your nest in a safe way without harming the bees, your home or your garden.

Step Four: Try Natural Removal Methods

If you can’t connect with a beekeeper, or if the bees are creating a safety hazard in your residential garage, yard or home, try these methods to remove them naturally.

Spray Vinegar Mix

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the nest (carefully!) at night, when bees are likely sleeping. Just in case, wear protective gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Also spray the areas where bees like to congregate, like plants, bushes and flowers. Spray daily until you see a decrease in activity.


These pungent balls don’t just repel moths — they also work on bees! Toss a few in an old pair of pantyhose or a thin sock, then hang close to the bee nest.

Soda Pop

Cut a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew or another sweet soda pop in half, then place it near the bee nest or on the ground in your garage, patio or garden. The bees will love the scent, come check it out and eventually succumb to the soda in the bottle.

If none of these methods work, enlist the help of a professional to get the bees to buzz off! For the sake of the environment and your family’s health, ask the pro to use organic materials instead of pesticides so you can all enjoy your garage, yard and home safely.

By lemaster 19 Jul, 2017
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Bees do important work for the earth, but they can be troublesome if you find them in your residential garage. They quickly become pests and dangerous threats when they take up home at your home, but there are many ways you can keep them at bay naturally so you can enjoy your garage, home and yard without fear of getting stung.
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Garages serve many purposes — they are storage spaces, areas for pursuing home projects and even play areas at times, but they can also pose security and safety challenges. Follow these garage door safety tips to keep yourself and your belongings secure.

  1. Always keep the garage door opener button away from small children.
  2. Remind young children that garage door remote controls are not toys.
  3. Review the owner’s manual for your garage door and read about its emergency release features.
  4. Every month, check the door for signs of wear and inspect rollers, cables, springs and pulleys. If you notice an issue, contact our professional service team for garage door repair in Buffalo instead of attempting repairs yourself.
  5. Teach your children to never place their fingers between sections of the garage door, or shop for panels that cannot pinch.
  6. To keep your belongings safe, never leave your garage door partially open.
  7. Only purchase garage door parts in Buffalo from a reputable contractor.

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When is the last time you took a close look at the outside of your home? What characteristics stand out as you drive by it on the street? Do you notice overgrown shrubs? Is the paint peeling? Are you welcomed by lights on a dark evening? The answers to these questions are related to the curb appeal of your home — the first impression it makes from the outside.

Real estate pros frequently reference curb appeal during the selling process because many house-hunters form opinions about residences before they ever step foot inside them. This is an instance where the book is definitely judged by its cover!

Even if you aren’t planning on putting your home on the market, curb appeal is still important. A beautiful exterior gives you a sense of pride in your home and improves your neighborhood while sending a positive message about your family.

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